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Commitment was started in 2005 to help individuals in need in Baja California.   


    Currently, the main focus is a Fire and Rescue group called "Halcones del Desierto" or Desert Hawks. El Rosario, B.C., is a small town about 250 miles below San Diego.  The Desert Hawks Fire and Rescue Project was started in 2013 with the donation of an ambulance from a California Ambulance Company.


    Commitment, Inc., has also legally formed in Mexico a sister non-profit organization called "Fundación Commitment International, A.C."  Together we have been raising funds and securing equipment to enable the group to serve the community as well as tourists traveling the main highway in Baja California. The group serves over 100 miles of highway from about 25 miles north of El Rosario to just south of Catavina.


    We have had great support from the community as well as groups and individuals who have wanted to help make this a successful venture.    The Desert Hawks currently has 9 vehicles.  They consist of 3 ambulances, 2 fire engines, one 4WD Mini Pumper for wildfires, one Water Tender, one 4x4 off-road Rescue Vehicle and one Rapid Response Unit .  The rescue group has responded to many calls for help and assistance. A number of lives have been saved which include both Mexicans and Americans as well as visitors from others parts of the world like Canada and Europe.


                  Mini Pumper E13, Fire Engine E11, Ambulances M11
                  and M21

Through Date:    January, 2017                Responses:    462                Number of injured helped:    1,693

                  in active service    We have close to 20 individuals who have experience as EMT's,Firefighters and/or Lifeguards who volunteer their services. The service is available 24/7. Locally, we depend on telephone and internet services for communication. Outside of El Rosario, we have access to one of finest digital 2-meter communication systems in all of Baja California.

    We have established relationships with other rescue groups both north and south of El Rosario to help start a network of Responders to serve as many of the communities south of Ensenada. We are already working with some of them to help with training and supplies.   The goal is to give everyone confidence that should an emergency occur, immediate help will be forthcoming and lives will be saved.

 Fire Station Architectural Projection

    In 2017, Commitment is determined to help the Desert Hawks build a Fire/Rescue Station in El Rosario.  Th
e facility will be over 6,000 sqft and will be on property owned by "Fundación Commitment" across the street from the Pemex station.


    We also hope to have a satellite location in Cataviña, about 75 miles south of El Rosario. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to all individual travelling El Rosario.    We want to be able to respond quickly and effectively to save lives and prevent injuries from becoming more serious impacting individual's life styles.     


    Commitment started by doing two heart operations for two young girls.  One was 7 years old the other was less than 2 years old.   Both had occluders emplaced in their hearts to stop oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood from mixing which likely would have led to stunted growth and early death.   Commitment is  proud to report that both girls and very much alive and are both doing well.  


    Commitment is currently working with a young boy named Sergio Espinoza Valdez living in El Rosario.   He is 5 years old and has an inverted heart with complications. We have paid for him to go to Mexico City for surgery to implant a shunt and a stent. We have also paid for a number of doctor visits to check on his condition.    He was recently seen in Mexicali where the stent was further opened with coronary balloons generously donated by a major medical firm. He is currently being considered for a complex operation using either the Fontan Procedure or the Glenn Procedure both which require open heart surgery. At this time, the Fontan Procedure is the more likely.   


    We have also been following the progress of Itzel Zaragoza Osuna, who has received two operations to correct a Coartation of the Aorta. She has a slight narrowing of the aorta in the part immediately above the heart. For this, Itzel may require an additional surgical procedure.

    Please see our Mission Statement for a summary of our goals and accomplishments.



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