Doña Anita

Dona Anita Grosso PaintingDona Anita Grosso Framed Painting

The logo of Commitment is the wonderful painting of Doña Anita Grosso de Espinoza painted by the artist Harley Brown. Doña Anita Espinoza, also known as Mama Espinoza, is close to 100-years old and lives in the village of El Rosario some 225 miles of south of San Diego. She has lived an extraordinary life. She is half Italian and half Pima Indian. She was born in El Rosario and came to live in the United States in 1912 when her family left Baja California during the Mexican Revolution. She lived in the U.S. for 15 years before returning to her pueblo. She started the well-known restaurant, Mama Espinoza's. She has owned a gas station, been a postmaster and is considered one of the founders of the Flying Samaritans, an organization born in El Rosario back in 1961. It is the wonderful spirit of Doña Anita that guides Commitment.

The artist Harley Brown is recognized as one of the finest artists living today. He is the author of two best selling books, "Eternal Truths for Every Artist" and "Confessions of a Starving Artist", both published by International Artist. He has painted an inspired work of Doña Anita saying:

"My challenge was to capture the amazing aura and strength that radiates from Doña Anita. As portrayed, she appears to be remembering a joyful moment in her inspiring life. I can tell you, while she sat for me, her face literally glowed. I came away from Doña Anita with an undeniable sense of peace mixed with exhilaration, feelings I hope this portrait offers."

Commitment has available for sale 20" x 16" giclees of Doña Anita Espinoza. A framed giclee 28" x 25" is also available. The giclees are numbered and signed by both Harley Brown and Doña Anita Espinoza. The cost for the giclee alone is $ 450.00 (plus $ 10.00 S & H). The cost for the framed giclee is $ 495.00 (plus $ 20.00 S & H). With your purchase, you will receive a letter indicating that $ 250.00 of the purchase price is a donation to Commitment. Please send orders to:

Commitment, Inc.
PO Box 178309
San Diego, CA 92177

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