Commitment, Inc. desires to help individuals in all parts of Baja California, but is focused on the needs in the area between Vizcaino and San Ignacio, especially for those individuals of the Sierra de San Francisco in Baja California Sur.  Other areas that have received help include Los Missiones near San Quintin, El Rosario and Mulege.

The goals of the organization are:


The accomplishments of Commitment, Inc. include paying in full or part for the following projects:


In addition to the above, a significant number of individuals have been helped with doctor visits, x-rays, visits to the Shriners clinic in Tijuana, medications, walkers, and wheelchairs.   They did not need operations.


Commitment has done its part to help children get the necessary secondary education to enable them to get a better job to support themselves and help their families.
This year Commitment is sponsoring 27 children in Secondary (Junior High), Prepa (High School) and University.


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