Rosalinda Martinez Ramirez was the very first patient of Commitment.   She is the daughter of Augustin Martinez Lopez and Catalina Ramirez Lopez.   When we first met her, she was only 1 year and 10 months old.  The family is originally from Oaxaca.  Her mother, Catalina, was bRosalinda 2 yrsorn in Hierba Santa Oaxaco. Rosalinda is one of 5 children.  She has three brothers, Sergio, Venuncio and Jose.  She also has a sister named Hermelinda.  

Rosalinda’s family has lived in Baja California for 11 years. Her family currently resides in the community of Las Missiones which is part of Colonia Guerrero just north of San Quintin.  The family speaks Trique, one of the languages of Oaxaca.  The mother speaks a limited amount of Spanish but has worked hard to learn more.

Rosalinda suffered from Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA. This is an opening between the Aorta and the Pulmonary Artery. This type of condition allows oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood to mix. The condition can inhibit growth. The condition also leads to breathing problems.  The heart is subject to failure having to work extra hard to maintain a proper flow of blood to all parts of the body.  The individual becomes very susceptible to disease especially those that affect the mouth, throat, and lungs.  

We are pleased to say that Rosalinda made it through the operation with flying colors.   She is now in school and doing well.   All of her brothers and sister have been to school and have finished elementary school. Sergio and Hermelinda have already studied in secondary school. That the family is able to sacrifice to seek something more and better for the children is exceptional given the income level of the family. 

Rosalinda's Family

The famiRosalinda's Housely lives in a concrete block building measuring about 300 sq ft. They share a kitchen area with Catalina's brothers who have families living next door.

Catalina has 6 brothers and sisters living in Las Missiones. They work in the farm fields.

Catalina also sells pulseras (wrist bands) and bolseras (cloth purses) to help raise money for the family.

Below is a recent photo taken of Rosalinda in June 2010.  She is very healthy and doing very well.

Rosalinda 2010

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