Commitment, Inc. is trying to make life a little better by giving help and hope to families.  Below is a list with just some of the individuals whose lives we have touched. Click on their names to get a more details on the individual and what Commitment did to change to help them.  Let their stories inspire you that each of us can make a difference.

Rosalinda Martínez Ramírez                                                  Martha Anahí Arce Leree

Besides the above, the accomplishments of Commitment, Inc. include paying in full or part for the following projects:

In addition to the above, a significant number of individuals have been helped with doctor visits, x-rays, visits to the Shriners clinic in Tijuana, medications, walkers, and wheelchairs.   They did not need operations.

We will try to update this page with more information, photos and details in each one of these cases... Thank you and please come back... together we can make a difference!!

Commitment, Inc
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If you would like to help, please note on check:
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