The print below is of a young girl named Rosalinda Martinez Ramirez.  She lives in Los Missiones near San Quintin.   In early 2005, her life in danger due to a serious heart condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus. This is an opening between the aorta and the pulmonary artery.   Left untreated, it is likely Rosalinda would not be alive today.  A medical lead by Dr. Abraham Rothman of the Las Vegas Childrens Heart Center successfully closed the opening in June 2005 at Hospital Del Prado in Tijuana.   Dr. Rothman was assisted by Dra. Patricia Aubanel and Dra. Azucena Murillo.   Commitment, Inc. made the arrangements and paid for nearly all the costs.  Rosalinda is now looking at being able to live a full life.   Rosalinda is now 7 years old and is going to school.  She is in very good health.Rosalinda's Painting


Commitment, Inc. is 501-C (3) non-profit organization.  The tax ID number is 20-2712398.  The organization started in 2005 and is dedicated to helping needy individuals in Baja California.  Commitment has already arranged and 14 surgeries including 4 heart operations.  The organization has helped others by paying for doctor visits, medical tests and medicines.  Commitment also has helped children pay for secondary education to try and ensure a better future.  Please see the home page for more information.


Commitment is pleased to offer for sale, limited edition, lithographic prints of Rosalinda to raise funds for future projects.  The prints cost on $50.00 (Shipping & Handling in the U.S. is $ 5.00 additional).  An additional sheet of information about Rosalinda and her family with photos is also included.   A portion of the proceeds raised will be held in trust for Rosalinda and her family to pay for such items as education, major medical and housing costs.


You can help.  You can add a beautiful piece of art to your home or office and best of all, your entire purchase will be tax-deductible.


The internationally renowned artist Harley Brown painted this Beautiful portrait of Rosalinda capturing the spirit and hope inside this wonderful child.  He is the author of two best selling Art books, “Eternal Truths for Every Artist” and “Confessions of a Starving Artist”.


                                   Print Size               11 x 14

                                   Image Size             9 ¼ x 11 ¾

                                   Signed & Numbered


                Yes, please send me a signed and numbered copy of the Rosalinda print to help Commitment, Inc. and the

                Rosalinda’s family.   The payment is tax-deductible.


                                                                                Rosalind Print                                                       ­­____  $ 50.00       ________


                                                                                Shipping & Handling                                            ____                       ________


                I do not wish to purchase print but would like to donate                                                                            ________


Total                                                                                                                         ========


Please make payable to COMMITMENT, INC. and send to:

Commitment, Inc., PO Box 178309, San Diego, CA 92177


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